Luther Properties' mission is to provide housing assistance to low-income elderly or disabled persons in Scott County, Iowa.

Five piece banner photo showcasing Luther Knoll, Luther Crest, Luther Heights, Luther Towers, and Luther Manor

About Luther Properties

In 1981, several Lutheran congregations in Scott County, Iowa pooled their resources to work toward providing housing assistance to low-income elderly or disabled persons in Scott County, now known as Luther Properties.

Luther Properties works in partnership with the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) to provide subsidized residential housing to persons who are eligible to receive housing assistance based on HUD regulations. There is a total of 279 apartment units on the five properties, and all are managed by Cardinal Capital Management, a low income residential management company, under the general supervision of the Board of Directors.

Ten of the 13 ELCA congregations in Scott County are members of Luther Properties by having at least one delegate from their church on the Board. The Board meets every two months and has an annual meeting once a year.

Each congregation can help accomplish Luther Properties' mission by providing financial support and by praying for God's guidance in
carrying out its mission.

Currently, the Board is expanding the Common and Kitchen areas, creating an exercise area, and increasing parking at the Luther Knoll property. The estimated construction cost is $300,000, and the Board has committed up to $60,000 of its funds to help finance the project and is seeking grants from local organizations and groups for the remaining funds.

Luther Properties continues to be affiliated with various congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), who have their places of worship in Scott County, Iowa. Any such congregation is qualified to be a member of Luther Properties, and is considered a member by selecting between one and six voting delegates to represent that congregation at the annual or special corporation meetings held during a corporate year. Having representation on the Board is also encouraged.